It’s day 5!  I had heard that days 3-4 were going to be difficult, so I tried to schedule them over a weekend.  Also, yesterday was fast Sunday, which actually helps a bit since I’m supposed to be going without food.


I have found myself not being very hungry.  Most of the time, I am eating just one meal with 3-4 potatoes, then not really eating again later.  This is true to form for me, actually.


However, I have been eating plenty of prime aged steak!  Not the kind of steak you get at St. Elmo’s, but rather the rich, juicy Kyle steak I have been carrying around my waist for years.   Perhaps that’s the reason I have had plenty of energy and not felt super hungry.


On Friday evening, I had an interesting experience.  Tomi was visiting me for a few days and wanted to go to the movies.  He got popcorn, and I ate 2 sliced potatoes out of a ziplock bag.  It was a little strange at first, but they made an acceptable (albeit bland) movie snack.


I had a quiet weekend at home.  I did not do much, but I felt fine.


Falling into the category of too much information, on Saturday night I felt the need for a bowel movement, my first one since starting the diet.  It did not come easy, and it was very small.  That is probably a result of the fact that I am not really eating much.


I also cheated a bit yesterday.  I took the sacrament.  Bread is not a potato, but I ate it anyway.  I figured that tiny piece of bread wouldn’t hurt things too much.  However, I will admit that I took some time to select the very largest piece of bread in the tray…  I also drank 2 Spendrift waters over the weekend.  These are carbonated waters with light raspberry and lime flavor.  Since there is nothing but water and a little bit of juice (with no sugar), I figured these would be okay.  However, technically speaking they are a violation of the “only potato” mandate.  But I guess I needed just a little bit of flavor in my life – potatoes are bland, and Kyle Steak is flavorless.


Looking at the statistics, here are the last 3 days:


Date November 3, 2018 November 4, 2018 November 5, 2018
Day 3 4 5
Weight 288.8 285 284.4
To Go 88.8 85 84.4
Body Fat 37.1% 36.5% 36.2%
Muscle Mass 31.2% 31.5% 31.7%
Water Weight 46.9% 47.4% 47.6%
BMI 37.1 36.6 36.5
Blood Pressure 118/67 121/76 99/64
Pulse 92 bpm 98 bpm 112 bpm
Girth 51½” 51½” 51½”

I don’t know how muscle mass is increasing.  I have really been doing no exercise.  But I guess that’s a good thing to increase.  I also am starting to wonder if my cheap blood pressure machine is accurate – I take the test under the same conditions each day, and the results are all over the map.


So far on this little journey, I have lost about 15 pounds inside a week.  That may actually be a little less, as in my mind I started at 300, but in truth I had lost about 3 pounds between when I started tracking and when I started the diet.  Still, I want to be excited!


I have found myself horribly tempted, though.  I drive past 2 Burger Kings on the way home, and the green Halloween nightmare burger looked so tempting.  I also bring candy to give the kids in Sunday school, and the leftover Twix in the passenger seat was just calling my name on the way home.   However, I stood firm, and only cheated on some lightly flavored water, which is a great success for me!


Soon the first week will be behind me.  For now, all is well.


Looking at scripture reading, I read Alma 30 and 31 this weekend.  They are longer chapters, so I broke them up a bit.  The first thing I noticed was how similar Korihor is to your average garden-variety modern atheist.  As you may know, after reading Presto! I read Penn’s book on atheism (called God, no!).  As I read Korihor’s teachings and discourse with Alma, I felt like I was hearing the exact same arguments that were made in God, no!  The thing athiests cannot accept is faith, and the only way to know God is through faith.  Alma calls upon the order and beauty of nature as proof that there is a God.  He calls upon his own witness.  These are the only proof of God we can have, but with the addition of faith to the mixture, it is sufficient.


I also noticed in Chapter 31 how Alma is focused on ministering.  When he goes to the Zoramites, he selects his companions carefully.  He chooses three of the Sons of Mosiah because they are his friends and because he knows he can count on them.  But he also takes two of his converts: Amulek and Zeezrom, and two of his sons, probably because he was with them for their conversions and he knows their stories will be useful to the people he will teach.  But there is probably a desire to look out for their welfare and observe their progress in the gospel.  And he also takes two of his sons, one of whom, Corianton, will show he is somewhat less-mature.  Alma wanted his sons to see him testify and watch him minister, knowing that this would be an excellent chance for them to grow and develop.

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