Singer: Justs

Song: Heartbeat

Performing: Second Semi-Final

Memorable Line: “I’m getting wild when I’m alone.”

Chances: MIGHT qualify, but probably will not.

Link: Latvia 2016

Rating: 5 heart monitor blips (out of 10)!


Some people are quite taken with this song, but I just can’t see much there.  I wonder if that is because the singer has a nice smile.

I loved Aminata last year, so when I heard she had written the song for this year’s Latvian entry, I was predisposed to like it.  However, while I can hear some of Aminata’s influence in the music, this song just does not stand up to the power and passion of last year’s entry.  Aminata’s powerful belting transported us into a trance-like state last year, and this song feels like the hangover the next morning.

Justs certainly seems to be trying to sell the song, but from its boring rhythm to its bland lyrics, this song just doesn’t deliver.  And the interesting grammar definitely feels like the lyrics were written by an eastern European. The song quickly becomes repetitive, which I often dislike, and even my strange desire to love Latvia each year can’t improve my opinion on this song.

I do not hate the song, and I think it would be great if the full team of #BalticBoys were in the final.  I think Justs will have the hardest time qualifying, as his song is perhaps the weakest of the three.  However, he seems to be getting a lot of love in the polls, so maybe he can sell it on stage.  However, I worry the team may not be complete, though, as the overly dull and boring bulk of the song may cause it to flatline, despite Justs’s valiant attempts at resuscitation.

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